The  UK Student visa applicants must meet the English language requirements set by Home Office UKVI to prove that they speak, write and understand English.

To apply for a UK student visa, you must prove you can read, write, speak and understand English to a certain level on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) scale.

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What are the English language requirements for a UK Student visa?

At least CEFR level B2 is required if you are applying for a UK Student visa to study in the UK and your course is at the UK bachelor's degree level or above.

CEFR level B1 is a minimum requirement for a UK Student visa if you are studying a pre-sessional course or a course below UK Bachelor's degree level.

If the student sponsor has assessed that the Student meets the English language requirement, they must state this and the method of assessment on the CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies).

Approved English language test providers

If you are in the UK

If you are applying for a student visa from inside the UK, you can only take a SELT (Secure English Language Test) with one of the following providers:

  • LanguageCert
  • Pearson
  • Trinity College London
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) SELT Consortium

If you are outside of the UK

You can only take a SELT with one of the following English language test providers:

  • LanguageCert
  • Pearson
  • PSI Services (UK) Ltd
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) SELT Consortium

UK Student visa English language requirement exemption

You do not need to meet the English language requirement for a UK Student visa if you're from one of the following countries or territories, or you've completed a qualification equivalent to a UK degree in one of them:

  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Australia
  • the Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Belize
  • the British overseas territories
  • Dominica
  • Grenada
  • Guyana
  • Ireland
  • Jamaica
  • Malta
  • New Zealand
  • St Kitts and Nevis
  • St Lucia
  • St Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • UK
  • USA

You also do not need to prove your knowledge of English if one of the following applies:

  • you're a national of Canada
  • you're applying to come to the UK for a study abroad programme as part of a university degree course in the USA
  • you proved your level of English in a previous visa application

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

UK Student visa allows international students to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week during term time including paid or unpaid work. A student visa issued for full-time degree-level studies allows you to work full-time during official vacation periods.

Home Office usually takes 3 weeks to process a UK Student visa application from outside the UK. Time starts once you attend your appointment at the visa application centre.

The earliest you can apply for a visa is 6 months before you start your course.

If studying in London, you should have enough money in your bank account to pay the outstanding course fees and £1,334 for each month of the course (up to a maximum of 9 months).

If studying outside London then you need money in your bank account equivalent to your outstanding course fees and £1,023 for each month of the course (up to a maximum of 9 months).

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