To be eligible to apply for a sponsor licence, employers must provide all the documents as per the sponsor licence documents checklist 2023 listed below.

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What documents are required for sponsorship licence application?

Once you have submitted your sponsorship licence application online, you must send all the required documents as specified in Appendix A within 5 working days.

To apply for a sponsorship licence, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Application form: You must complete and submit the online sponsorship licence application form.
  • Business information: You must provide information about your business, such as its name, address, and contact details.
  • Company registration documents: You must provide documents that prove your business is registered with Companies House or an equivalent regulatory body in your country.
  • Financial documents: You must provide documents that show your business has the financial resources to sponsor a migrant, such as bank statements or audited accounts.
  • Evidence of the need for the sponsored worker: You must provide evidence that the role being offered to the sponsored worker is genuine and necessary for your business.
  • Evidence of the worker’s qualifications and experience: You must provide evidence that the sponsored worker has the necessary qualifications and experience to perform the role being offered.
  • Evidence of compliance with UK immigration law: You must provide evidence that your business has complied with UK immigration law in the past, such as evidence of right to work checks.
  • Additional documents: Depending on your circumstances, you may need to provide additional documents, such as proof of ownership of the business or evidence of any professional accreditations or memberships.

It is important to note that the exact documents required may vary depending on your individual circumstances and the category of sponsorship you are applying for. It is recommended that you consult the immigration lawyer on sponsoring a worker to ensure that you provide all the necessary documents for your application.

This is a general list of documents. Depending on type of application and your personal circumstances, you might also need to provide additional documents.

Please contact us for an initial assessment to determine your eligibility, and find out the required list of documents in support of your application.

How to send the supporting documents?

First, you need to scan all the supporting documents including the submission sheet in the correct format. If you do not have a scanner then you can also take pictures of the supporting documents.

Once all the documents are ready then you can send them to the email address given on the submission sheet.

Make sure that all the supporting documents:

  • are in PDF, JPEG or PNG format
  • have descriptive titles, with 25 or fewer characters
  • are high enough quality to be read

If documents are not in English or Welsh, you must provide a certified translation.

Sponsorship licence processing time

Currently, Home Office is taking 8 weeks or less to process a sponsorship licence application. However, it may take longer depending on the complexity of the matter. UKVI may need to visit your business.

You may be able to use priority service to get a faster decision from Home Office on your sponsor licence application.

You may be able to use the 'priority service' when you apply for a sponsor licence to get a faster decision within 10 working days. You'll need to pay £500 in addition to the sponsorship licence application fee.

This service is limited to a small number of applications every working day. Faster decisions are allocated in the order that requests arrive (first come, first served)

You'll be told how to ask for a faster decision after you apply.

UKVI sponsor licence application fee is between £536 - £1,476 depending on the type of licence you are applying for and the size of your organisation/company.

You need to pay a fee when you apply for a sponsor licence.

Type of licence Fee for small or charitable sponsors Fee for medium or large sponsors
Worker £536 £1,476
Temporary Worker £536 £536
Worker and Temporary Worker £536 £ 1,476
Add a Worker licence to an existing Temporary Worker licence No fee £940
Add a Temporary Worker licence to an existing Worker licence No fee No fee

If you need legal advice or help with your sponsorship licence application, Get in touch with our sponsor licence lawyer and get the legal assistance you need.

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Sponsor licence lawyer at Rex Law Chambers will:

  • advise you about eligibility criteria and the requirement
  • help you with the selection of the correct type of sponsor licence
  • advise you about who the key personnel should be
  • advise you about how to remain compliant and the employer's duties
  • advise you whether the position you wish to hire for is suitable for sponsorship and if so, under which category
  • check your HR system in place to ensure that you meet the Home Office requirements and expectations
  • provide you with a comprehensive checklist of supporting documents
  • check all the supporting documents
  • fill in and submit your sponsor licence application online
  • prepare a letter of representation to support your application
  • upload all the supporting documents online in their correct format and order
  • deal and respond to any enquiries or correspondence from the Home Office
  • do all the follow-up work on your sponsor licence application until a decision is received from the UKVI
  • provide legal assistance with the Home Office visit in relation to your sponsor licence application

Lawyer fees for sponsor licence application

Our expert UK immigration lawyer will guide you through every step of the sponsor licence application process including advice about legal requirements and eligibility criteria.

Sponsor licence lawyer at Rex Law Chambers charge a fixed fee between £1200-£1500 for the complete legal services in relation to your sponsor licence application. The agreed fixed fee will depend on the complexity of the matter and the casework involved in the matter.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

You must apply online to get a sponsor licence for your company if you meet the eligibility requirements and you need to submit all the supporting documents online along with your sponsor licence application as mentioned in Appendix A.

The "Worker" and "Temporary Worker" are two types of sponsorship licences. It depends on whether an employer is going to hire a worker for long-term employment or temporary employment to fill their jobs.

You should get a decision on the employer sponsor licence application within 8 weeks. However, you may be able to use the pre-licence priority service to fast-track your UK sponsorship licence application.

This pre-licence priority service application does not guarantee your request will be approved.

UKVI sponsor licence application fee is £536 and you need to pay the licence fee when you apply online. The sponsor licence fees depend on the type of licence and size of the organisation.

The sponsor licence fee for medium or large sponsors is £1,476 if they want to hire a worker for long-term employment.

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