Our UK Immigration Lawyer can assist you with Transfer of Conditions (TOC) application, if  you have limited leave to remain endorsed on a previous passport.

People who have limited leave endorsed in a passport that is lost, stolen, damaged or due to expire can have their leave transferred to a biometric residence permit (BRP) by making a transfer of conditions application. A person can also apply for a transfer of conditions if their current leave is endorsed on an immigration status document (ISD).

You can also use UKCVAS Super Priority service to get decision within 24 hours on your Transfer of Conditions (TOC) application.

Eligibility criteria for Transfer of Conditions (TOC) Application

The applicant must:

  • have leave remaining- leave that has expired cannot be transferred
  • continue to meet the requirements and conditions of the leave they were granted
    • if they no longer meet these requirements or conditions, or the change of identity indicates that they may have previously gained (or attempted to gain) leave by identity deception, it may be appropriate for leave to be curtailed
    • curtailmentmust be considered by the Curtailment teamunless the applicant is a recognised refugee or beneficiary of humanitarian protection (HP)
    • for refugees or beneficiaries of HPyou must makea referral to the status review unit (SRU)
  • provide:
    • a valid passport or Home Office travel document, (if they hold one)
    • their biometric residence permit (BRP) (if they hold one)
    • any previous passport or travel document containing their existing leave
    • their immigration status document (ISD) (if they hold one) which shows their current leave, if this is not fixed to their passport

You must also meet all the other eligibility requirements. Please contact us for initial assessment to determine your eligibility, and to discuss the options.

Our fee

Our expert UK immigration lawyer will guide you through every step of the Transfer of Conditions (TOC) application process including advice about legal requirements and eligibility criteria.

Our fixed fee

We will charge a fixed fee from £500 for our professional legal services in relation to your Transfer of Conditions (TOC) application.

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