Our UK immigration lawyer can assist you with No time limit (NTL) application for confirmation of your status in the form of a biometric residence permit (BRP).

The No time limit (NTL) application is for those who have Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) or Indefinite leave to enter (ILE) but do not have a document to prove it. You can make a no time limit (NTL) application for confirmation of your status in the form of a biometric residence permit (BRP). You can also use the UKCVAS Super Priority service to get decisions within 24 hours on your NTL applications.

Requirements for no time limit (NTL) application

A person may apply for NTL where:

  • their passport containing an ILE, ILR or NTL endorsement has been lost, stolen or has expired
  • they have settled status in the UK but they do not have any documentary evidence confirming this (for example because they were deemed settled in the UK on 1 January 1973 in line with section1(2) of the Immigration Act 1971)
  • they have legitimately changed their identity since being granted indefinite leave and want this confirmed on a BRP

You must also meet all the other eligibility requirements. Please contact us for initial assessment to determine your eligibility, and to discuss the options.

It is not mandatory for a person to apply for an NTL BRP but there are benefits to doing so, for example, an NTL BRP:

  • has enhanced security features which cannot be found on an old-style vignette (sticker) which means there is less chance of it being used fraudulently by another person
  • is evidence that a person has the right to stay permanently in the UK and has a right to work and access certain benefits
  • will facilitate travel to and from the UK Applications for NTL must be made in the UK on the NTL application form and require a fee.

Our fee

We will charge a fixed fee of £500 for our professional legal services in relation to your NTL application. Our expert UK immigration lawyer will guide you through every step of the No Time Limit (NTL) application process including advice about legal requirements and eligibility criteria.

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