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What is UK Spouse visa?

The UK Spouse visa allows non-UK nationals to join their partner in the UK who is either British citizen or settled in the UK.

UK Spouse visa is also known as 'Marriage visa' and it allows you to live together with your British or settled partner in the UK for up to 30 months. It can be extended for another 30 months if you meet certain eligibility conditions and requirements. Holding a spouse visa is the first step towards Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) and eventually British citizenship.

Spouse visa requirements

The applicant applying for entry clearance as a spouse of a British Citizen or a person settled person must meet the following requirements:

  • UK Spouse visa financial requirement
  • Genuine and subsisting relationship requirement
  • Adequate accommodation requirement
  • English language requirement

UK Spouse visa financial requirement

The UK national of the relationship who is also known as the sponsor and he or she is required to meet specific criteria. First, you will need to prove that you and your partner meet the financial requirement and have enough money to support yourselves without relying on public funds.

The UK spouse needs an income of at least £18,600 before tax if there are no dependent children. If you have one dependent child, you will need an income of £22,400 before tax to meet the financial requirement. For any other children, the sponsor will need an extra £2,400 for each subsequent child.

Genuine and subsisting relationship requirement

The UK Spouse Visa applicant needs to be able to prove they are in a genuine relationship, such as a civil partnership, with their British citizen or settled partner. There are lots of different types of evidence you can send to the Home Office depending upon your personal circumstances, most common documents which you can provide to meet the genuine relationship test are:

  • A joint mortgage or tenancy agreement, either in the UK or outside the UK
  • Evidence of any children you have together, such as a birth certificate
  • Photographs that show you have spent time together frequently
  • A shared bank account or savings
  • Text messages or social media chat logs
  • Travel documents that prove you have visited each other at least once before you got married or have met in person
  • Any documents which prove that you intend to live together in the UK

Adequate accommodation requirement

As part of your UK Spouse Visa application, you will need to provide proof of accommodation that meets UK living standards.

Your UK national partner, who acts as your sponsor, will need to show that he or she can provide adequate accommodation for themselves, the applicant and any dependents who intend to live in the UK.

English language requirement

Applicants who wish to live in the UK or to apply as a Spouse of a UK person, need to be able to prove that they can speak English. Once you have passed an English Language Test, it will be valid for two years.

You must sit an English test in speaking and listening to get the right to remain in the UK with your UK spouse. Your qualification will be valid only if your English exam is taken through an approved Secure English Language Testing (SELT) Provider.

Read more about eligibility requirements

You must also meet all the other eligibility requirements. Please contact us for initial assessment to determine your eligibility, and to discuss the options.

Switching from Fiancé(e) visa to Spouse visa

A peson who is in the UK on Fiancé(e) visa can switch from Fiancé(e) visa into Spouse visa from inside the UK as soon he/she has registered his marriage with his/her partner.

Such application for switching from Fiancé(e) visa to Spouse visa is made online using appliation form FLR (M) before the expiry of Fiancé(e) visa.

As specialist Spouse visa lawyer, we can provide Super Priority Service for application for switching from Fiancé(e) visa to Spouse visa and get decision on your application within 24 hours of the biometrics enrolment date.

Do I need an immigration lawyer for Spouse visa application?

UK Immigration law is an extremely fast-changing and complex area of law. There are high chances of getting a visa refusal if you are not fully aware about relevant immigration law(s) and eligibility criteria.

Most of the applicants seek professional legal help with their UK Spouse visa applications from highly experienced immigration lawyers to boost their chances of success. A well-prepared application can significantly increase your chances of success.

How can we help with your UK visa application?

As part of our immigration services for your immigration application, our expert immigration lawyer will:

  • assess your eligibility for the relevant visa type by fully considering your circumstances;
  • advise you on the required supporting documents to be submitted in support of your immigration application;
  • assess all the documents to ensure that the documents you provide are as per the requirements of the Immigration Rules;
  • advise you on strengths and potential weaknesses in your visa application and how you can overcome such weaknesses if any;
  • complete the online immigration draft application form to share it with you for cross-checking;
  • submit your application online and schedule your biometrics appointments with the relevant commercial partner of the UKVI;
  • prepare a detailed cover letter in support of the immigration application explaining in detail how you are meeting all the requirements of the Immigration Rules so that you have the maximum chances of succeeding in your visa application;
  • upload all the supporting documents online in support of the immigration application in their correct format and order;
  • dealing and responding to any caseworker enquiries or correspondence from the Home Office caseworker for any further documents or information concerning your pending immigration application;
  • do all the follow-up work on your immigration application until a decision is received from the Home Office UKVI.

How can I find the good immigration lawyer for Spouse visa?

There are many UK immigration lawyers for Spouse visa applications in the UK and it is really difficult to find a good immigration lawyer to deal with your immigration matter.

In order to find a good Immigration lawyer for UK Spouse visa or Marriage visa applications, you should ensure that immigration lawyers are either regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) or Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). SRA and OISC are two main regulators in the UK.

Rex Law Chambers is authorised and regulated by the OISC under registration no. F202100249.

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