As a UK based business, you can apply for Skilled Worker sponsor licence to employ Skilled Worker migrants in your business from inside or outside the UK. 'Skilled Worker' means a person who has, or had, permission under Appendix Skilled Worker, or as a Tier 2 (General) migrant under the rules in force before 1 December 2020. The UK immigration rules no longer require the employer to advertise the job and meet the requirements of the Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) as of 1 December 2021 for an employer to sponsor a migrant worker for a Skilled Worker visa.

A ‘Worker’ licence will let you employ people long-term or permanently. It’s split into:

  • Skilled Worker - the role must meet the job suitability requirements
  • Intra-company visas - this includes Intra-company Transfer and Intra-company Graduate Trainee, for multinational companies which need to transfer established employees or graduate trainees to the UK
  • Minister of Religion - for people coming to work for a religious organisation
  • Sportsperson - for elite sportspeople and coaches who will be based in the UK

You can sponsor a worker if the job they’re going to do has a suitable rate of pay and skill level, or meets the other criteria needed for their visa.

How to apply for skilled worker sponsor licence?

You can apply for the Skilled Worker sponsor licence online on the Home Office, UKVI website. Once you have submitted your online application, you must then send to the Home Office, UKVI all of the following to validate your application. A valid application must:

  • contain the original submission sheet (not a certified copy), which has been signed and dated by the Authorising Officer (all pages must be sent); and
  • contain all of the documents listed on the submission sheet as mandatory documents (originals or certified copies); and
  • all be sent in together within 5 working days of completion of the electronic application.

To get a Skilled Worker licence, you must apply to the Home Office, UKVI, supplying specified documents to prove that you are suitable and eligible. The Home Office, UKVI will carry out appropriate checks before deciding whether to grant the sponsor licence. The Home Office, UKVI considers an application to join the sponsor register by assessing whether you meet the relevant requirements. If your application for Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence is accepted by the Home Office, UKVI, you will be issued with SMS login ID and password to manage your sponsor licence online. Your sponsor licence will be valid for 4 years and can be renewed online prior to the expiry of the licence.

Assigning of skilled worker Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS)

Once you have been granted a Skilled Worker sponsor licence you will be able to assign certificates of sponsorship (CoS) to migrants who wish to come to, or stay in the UK to work as Skilled Worker Migrants. For Skilled Worker workers, being assigned a certificate of sponsorship (CoS) is an essential part of qualifying for entry clearance (if they are outside the UK) or leave to remain (permission to extend their stay while in the UK).

What are the duties as a skilled worker licenced sponsor?

As a Skilled Worker licensed sponsor you must comply with certain duties, including, but not restricted to, a duty to inform the Home Office, UKVI if the Skilled Worker Migrant does not turn up for work, or if he is absent without permission for a significant period. You must also keep proper records of the migrants you sponsor, including contact details and a copy of their biometric residence permit (BRP), and supply any documentation to the Home Office, UKVI on request. The Home Office, UKVI will monitor your behaviour and compliance with your duties once you have been granted Skilled Worker sponsor licence.

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